ABSOLUTELY EXQUISITE and mind blowing in its execution.
— My Entertainment World (Toronto)

Step onto the blasted heath of war-torn Scotland and witness the private deeds of three Weird Sisters, caught between the bloody business of Macbeth’s tragedy and their own destructive sibling rivalry. In an innovative form of storytelling, WEIRD opens up vertical space as the Witches climb, twist and move through the air, harnessing wild elements and conjuring the haunting forces that will lead Macbeth to his end.
Based on Shakespeare’s MACBETH, WEIRD blends an original script with circus arts, stage combat, and original music.

An enchanting feast for the senses.
— Now Magazine (NNNN)


Best of Venue 2018 Hamilton Fringe
Cutting Edge Award 2016 Toronto Fringe
Best of Fest 2015 Ottawa Fringe
Best Production Capital Critics’ Circle (Nom.)

New WEIRD Poster Image - Ottawa Fringe, 2015.JPG


Written and Directed by Phillip Psutka
Co-Creator: Lindsay Bellaire
Fight Director: Phillip Psutka
Aerial Choreography: Lindsay Bellaire, Emily Hughes
Composer: Rachel C Leger
Costume Designer: Lisa MaGill
Stage Manager: Lisa Sciannella
Lighting Designer: Lisa Sciannella
Cast: Lindsay Bellaire, Lauren Fields, Emily Hughes


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