AIR & EARTH COLLIDE…in this gorgeously wrought show.
— Patrick Langdon (Artsfile, Ottawa)

Set on a mystical island, ROUGH MAGIC is a play that follows the innocent beginnings and volatile consequences of a relationship between two unlikely beings: Ariel, an airy sprite; and Caliban, a ground-dwelling mortal. An intricate weaving of aerial arts and an original script written in blank verse, the show confronts ideas of freedom, and how we relate to others who are different from us, through a story inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

MAGNIFICENT…theatre like this doesn’t come along often.
— On Stage Ottawa
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Playwright: Phillip Psutka
Director: Kevin Hammond*
Cast: Lindsay Bellaire, Phillip Psutka
Fight Director: Phillip Psutka
Aerial Choreography: Lindsay Bellaire
Stage Manager: Lisa Sciannella
Composer: Rachel C. Léger
Costume Designer: Lisa MaGill
*Appears by permission of the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association.