Aerial Supercharge

Professional Development Group for Aerial Teachers and Performers

Performer in yellow aerial silks in train station

Supercharge (verb) - To make something more powerful by forcing in more fuel.

Whether you are a teacher or a performer, you need to stop and refuel every week by taking time for your own professional development. Otherwise, it’s difficult to work and train with energy, passion, and inspiration. The purpose of the Aerial Supercharge is to gather a group of committed, like-minded professionals once a week to collaborate, learn, grow, reboot and recharge in a focused and safe environment. We’ll share moves and skills, challenge each other, discuss pedagogy, performing, and business...anything and everything that keeps us motivated and excited.

Supercharge runs on Thursdays from 12:00pm - 2:00pm at our training space at Lot42 in Kitchener. Contact Lindsay at if you would like more information.


The goal of each session is to learn from each other through collaboration. This will only work if we show up prepared to give and receive. Consider it a little nudge, pushing you forward by keeping you accountable to your peers and yourself.


Each member is responsible for contributing the following every week:

  • One new move on silks, hoop or rope. It can come from a manual, Womack and Bowman, a workshop you’ve done, or (the dreaded) Instagram or Youtube (but we’re professionals and we know how to do this safely). It can be small and quick, or a doozy. We all come from different aerial backgrounds, so there is no guarantee that it will be new to everyone every week, and that’s ok. Just keep bringing them!

  • A challenge. This can be a physical drill or exercise, or a move/wrap that challenges us to find a solution and deepen our understanding of aerial theory. This is where we could create some cool stuff, so bring in whatever you’re working on or curious about!

  • A question, thought, or topic of discussion. We are all doing our best to give the very best to our students / be a great performer / make a living / carve out time for ourselves to keep learning. Talking about our challenges and then re-framing them into positive solutions (or even just listening to each other) can strengthen our community and help us come up with better solutions than taking a shot in the dark.

Additional Things You Are Encouraged To Bring:

  • Creative exercises that you’re interested in trying out or exploring further.

  • Progressions or curriculum that you’d like feedback on.

  • Acts that you’re working on and would like to show.

  • Moves or skills that you’d like to teach but haven’t yet. This is a good chance to practice on some guinea pigs!

  • Anything else that helps you and the group feel inspired, empowered, and excited about being in the air!

Who Is This For?

Aerial teachers and/or performers who train at an advanced level and identify as a professional or emerging professional. Professional means that you are:

  • Currently providing, or have recently provided, services as a teacher and/or performer for which you were hired and paid a fee.

  • Dedicated to building a career in the industry. This can be full or part time, but it must be a significant focus in your life.

  • Training and working with a level of experience that allows you to contribute valuable feedback, insights and knowledge in a professional environment.

  • Committed to continuous personal growth and development, and contributing to a group of like-minded professionals.

Please contact Lindsay at to find out if Supercharge is appropriate for you.


  • Do your best to commit to showing up every week. Ideas may carry over from week to week, and your contribution is not only valued but integral to the success of the group.

  • Ask before you use something in your own classes or act/show, and give appropriate credit when possible. On the flip-side, be upfront and let everyone know if you would rather we hold off on using your ideas.

  • If you love a move that has been shared in the group and you want to incorporate it into your act/show, add your own flavour first. Explore the move to find a new position, change the style, etc. This is a great way to ensure that you are always contributing to the art form and fellow aerialists. It’s like saying, “Thank you for that, I raise you THIS (*insert amazing new thing that no one has thought of*).” It can be small, but you never know how far a simple idea can go when we each add on and support each other.

  • Anything you share in the group can be used by the other members, provided that they respect the rules outlined above.


Thursdays from 12:00pm - 2:00pm
January: 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st
We share the space at Lot42, which means there may be some activity happening in another part of the factory space while we train. The atmosphere is one of mutual respect, and interruptions are rare.
Weekly times are posted on the schedule.


Lot42 Factory Space - 41 Ardelt Place, Kitchener, ON.


$100+hst per month ($25 per session).

It is arranged as a monthly “session” or membership so that you are committed, not playing it by ear week to week. Single drop-in rates or pro-rated fees can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.


Please email if you are interested in joining.