Circus Variety Show

Sunday, March 24th, 2019 at LOT42 in Kitchener, Ontario.


Weird: the witches of macbeth

Based on The Scottish Play, WEIRD fuses aerial arts and dialogue to tell the coming-of-age story for the youngest of the three Witches, who chooses the wrong king: Macbeth.

Air spirit suspended by feet in white silks and human on ground looking at one another


Air and earth collide in a story about two beings from different worlds who develop an unlikely bond.

Female lumberjack hanging off male lumberjack holding onto aerial rope

The Lumberjack Show

Jill must put her skills to the test in a busker-style show that celebrates lumberjacks, girls, and LumberJills!

March 6th Gravenhurst WEIRD, Gravenhurst Opera House 295 Muskoka Rd S., Gravenhurst, ON School Show (Private)

March 24th Kitchener LOT42 Factory Space 41 Ardelt Place, Kitchener, Ontario TICKETS