A Cirque Adventure

Step aboard the SS Articus and embark on a nautical journey filled with sword fights, pirates who swing from the sails, overly courageous characters, and a dash of supernatural mischief. Meet your Captain, who will attempt to defend the ship from a dreaded all-female gang of pirates, then steer it through stormy waters brewed by mysterious creatures of the wind. Where will we land? And how will we survive when we get there?

SHIPWRECKED is an entertaining mix of circus arts with a theatrical twist, featuring aerial acts, juggling, performance combat, and an exciting story that takes us from open waters to deserted islands.

Photo credit: Laurie Varga

Photo credit: Laurie Varga


Creators (Concept & Story): Lindsay Bellaire & Phillip Psutka
Writer: Phillip Psutka
Director: Lindsay Bellaire
Choreographer: Lindsay Bellaire (with collaboration from artists)
Costumes: Lisa Magill
Lighting & Sound: Bennett MacDonald & Lindsay Bellaire
Cast: Lauren Fields, Phillip Psutka, Andrea Milne, Lindsay Bellaire, Nicole Smith
Produced By Articus Productions

SHIPWRECKED premiered in partnership with LOT42 in Kitchener on June 9th, 2019.

This Show Could Be Perfect For Your Audience!

SHIPWRECKED is great for families, with fantastic interaction for the kids and more than a little something for the adults as well. This show is perfect for any audience that is looking for a fun, entertaining, interactive experience with just the right balance of humour, story, and spectacular acts.

Appropriate for all ages, although 5 and up is recommended due to some loud noises and slightly mature content.

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