25-30 minute performances that can be performed outdoors or indoors. These are perfect for festivals, fairs, company picnics, community events, and more.

Female lumberjack hanging off male lumberjack holding onto aerial rope

The Lumberjack Show

Jill must put her skills to the test through a series of wacky and dangerous challenges in a show that celebrates lumberjacks, girls, and big muscles!

Camp Articus


Welcome to Camp Articus, where you’ll learn all you need to know about camping in the great outdoors, circus style! These camp counsellors are anything but typical…


The Aerial Pirate Show

When these pirates swing aboard, you know there will be trouble. This pair of female pirates will thrill you with adventures from the top of the rigging!


50-90 minute shows that we have built, produced, and toured. These shows are ideal for theatres and performance venues, and offer a range of styles to suit different audiences.


A nautical journey filled with sword fights, pirates who swing from the sails, overly courageous characters, and a dash of supernatural mischief. SHIPWRECKED is an entertaining mix of circus arts with a theatrical twist that features aerial acts, juggling, stage combat, and an exciting story that takes us from open waters to deserted islands.

Run Time: 90+ minutes with intermission.

Weird: the witches of macbeth

WEIRD fuses aerial arts and dialogue to tell the coming-of-age story for the youngest of three Witches, who chooses the wrong king: Macbeth.

Run Time: 55 minutes.

Air spirit suspended by feet in white silks and human on ground looking at one another


Air and earth collide in a story about two beings from different worlds who develop an unlikely bond.

Run Time: 55 minutes.